Limited Edition Silk Scarf Collection
Louise Gardiner Scarves

Louise has produced a series of luxurious silk scarves each printed with an exact reproduction of one of her favourite handmade embroideries.

With their rich colours and elaborate patterning, these scarves are a wearable work of art as well as a luxury item which will last. The scarves are printed in Macclesfield, near to Louiseā€™s Cheshire studio, famous for its historic silk industry.

'Because', 'Spontaneous' & 'Blooming'
Because I Love You
Spontaneous Geraniums
Bloming Marvellous
'Because I Love You'
Grey & Red Leopard
Black & Gold
Green & Pink
Black & Red Leopard
Pink & Gold
'Spontaneous Geraniums'
Grey & Lilac
Natural & Red
'Coral - of Land of Sea'
Anthro Blue
Slate Blue
Pink & Grey
'Blooming Marvellous'
'Blow', 'Fizz' & 'Electric'
You Blow Me Away
Pink Fizz
Electric Blossom
Tickled Pink
Tickled Purple
Tickled Mauve
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