Tessa Allen

Embroidery Designer
What is your name and what do you do for a living?

Tessa Allen, I am an embroidery designer and work freelance for other designers offering my embroidery services. I mostly work using an old Singer Irish machine, but do a lot of digital and hand embroidery too.
See my work here

What makes you a colourful woman?

Colourful on the inside because I have a need to explore everything, from different cultures to books to museums to countries. I’m colourful on the outside because I like to wear funky patterns and colourful shirts! 

How do you know Lou?

Well…I actually researched her in my first year at Bath University Textile Design BA Hons.  When I moved to Bristol, Lou asked me to help with beading on the Pukka Herbs project.  Now she can’t get rid of me!.

How has working for louiji g  influenced your creativity / attitude?

Work hard but remember to laugh, stick to your guns, be true to your own style, take things with a pinch of salt, trust your instincts, be kind, be humble. 
Being in the studio with Lou and Lyds is super fun, we get a good dancy playlist on the go and have a break mid-stitch for a little boogie, three of us beading at the same time is a breeze!

In three words please describe Lou’s artwork

Crazyamazing (that counts as one), intricate, magnificent.


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