Eliza Langdon

Mother and baby

What is your name and what do you do for a living?

My name is Eliza Guerrini I am the mother to three energetic children, and I run weekend pregnancy retreats for mums-to-be. https://www.retreat-yourself.co.uk

What makes you a colourful woman?

Being interested in the world around me. It is full of colour and beauty..

How do you know Lou?

Through my wonderful sister Tilly who befriended Lou on and embroidery course.

Do you own a Lou Gardiner scarf, if so which one?

I don’t own a Lou scarf but I would love too. My brother sister and I bought a scarf for my Mother on her 70th birthday.  It is now so celebrated in our family that she is planning to buy another to frame and put on her wall, pride of place.

If you know Lou through other means please tell us how, and if it has influenced your own creative journey.

I love following Lou’s creative journey.  Somehow her ability to move forward, doing something she loves and creating pieces that are so magical, somehow influences me to follow my dreams and believe that I can also achieve my dreams in the world, I hope this will influence others too.

In three words please describe Lou’s artwork.

Dreamy, magical and inspiring


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