Dawn Bailey


What is your name and what do you do for a living?

Dawn Bailey - I run a training school in Bristol for a complementary health care system called Kinesiology www.essencehealthtraining.co.uk

What makes you a colourful woman?

My daughter makes me a colourful woman, friends have told me that when I talk about her I literally light up. Of course as any mother of a teenager will tell you we have our fair share of grey moments but in the main she brings so much colour to my life. If anyone reading this is familiar with the chakras (chakras are an eastern philosophy of centres in the body where energy flows) they will know that the colours which bring balance to the heart chakra are pink and green .... I KNOW my daughter is always helping me to radiate those colours in particular. 

How do you know Lou?

I met Lou through the work that I do, helping to balance and support her physical and emotional health.

Do you own a Lou Gardiner scarf?

I do own a Lou Gardiner scarf and when I wear it, I feel, classy, feminine and less Essex  I have yet to wear it where someone doesn't comment on how lovely it looks.

In three words please describe Lou’s artwork

Her work is Unique, intricate and stunning!


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