Dr. Chloe Mortensen

Clinical Fellow in Interventional Radiology
What is your name and what do you do for a living?

Dr Chloe Mortensen, Clinical Fellow in Interventional Radiology.

What makes you a colourful woman?

My red hair! And my temptation to reach for the kaleidoscopic patterened paraphernalia.

How do you know Lou?

She's my mate. We met in a pub.

What do you love about your scarf and how does it make you feel?

I love my LG scarf because it is a unique piece of exceptional art and a treasured symbol of friendship, which I wear with indulgent abandon. When I wear an LG scarf, I feel sophisticated, sexy, grown up, indulgent, warm, nurtured, reassured. And I feel like I stand out!..

In three words please describe Lou’s artwork

Bombastic, euphoric, astonishing, miraculous, mesmerising, intricate, expert, kaleidoscopically colourful, on a scale of NATURAL WONDER (sorry dude I just can't do three..)


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