Inspired by the power and rhythms of nature, my work attempts to celebrate biodiversity with themes such as tumbleweeds tumbling, seedpods exploding and branches stretching. I am fascinated by pattern and the behaviour of plants. On walks with Bill-fox my Border Terrier I have time to admire the structures of lichen, moss, fungi, flowers and trees. The combination of a constantly rich relationship with the outdoors, combined with my own personal experiences of love and life are a hearty grounding for intricate embroidered stories..

I’m the daughter of a Cheshire farmer so I’ve been brought up with a strong connection to the land, a slightly over zealous work ethic and taught from an early age about resourcefulness, determination and patience. 
My embroidered artworks are labor intensive and can sometimes take months to complete. Like with working the land there are layers of process and preparation  involved, from drawing and planning to painting, stitching and beading.  I can be in a meditative flow in the studio for hours building intricate layers listening to music.

The Cape of Empowerment I created for Pukka Herbs took 900 hours to create and was inspired by many amazing medicinal plants and flowers. This was displayed outside my Hanley studio provided by the Malvern Collection at Chelsea Flower Show and was modelled by many visitors including Doctor Scilla Elworthy, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Kirstie Allsopp and the amazing actress Joanna Lumley. 



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