I am a British designer-maker from the North West of England, producing unique embroidered artworks.  Drawing freely with thread on a domestic sewing machine, I convey my complex organic designs onto linen and canvas with energy and precision.

From embroidered illustrations, to large-scale artworks and commemorative quilts, my dynamic embroideries showcase the highest levels of craft and technique, layering appliqué with intense stitching and hand-sewn beads, so the works shimmer with magical depth and catch the changing light. Every piece is meticulously made, labour-intensive, intuitive, and unique.

Embroidery is an exciting medium, with endless possibilities, and I’m a passionate ambassador of thread.  I am an experienced teacher, and I travel around the world to lead workshops and lecture on the creative potential of drawing with stitch.

 In early 2017, my travels took me to Australia for six weeks, where I lead my ‘Superstitchers’ workshops with beginners and accomplished embroiderers alike. Through the development of my ‘Superstitchers’ program, and through talks, live demonstrations, student placements, films and lively social media content, I continue to promote the versatility and beauty of contemporary embroidery.

Through a huge variety of projects and commissions, I demonstrate embroidery’s craftsmanship and its potential for innovation. I’ve created quilts for Liberty, exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery, designed campaigns for companies including Kettlechips and created unique pieces for hospitals, private clients and hotels. I have exhibited my work internationally. In 2016, I launched a range of luxury silk and velvet fabrics, using high-resolution photography and digital printing to create scarves, kimonos and jumpsuits from my designs.

In addition to my artworks I have created embroidered illustrations for books and editorial, including The Guardian, Selvedge magazine and BBC4.

My experience as a maker and a teacher has shown me embroidery’s power to inspire sharing, energy and creativity. Through my work, I aim to create new opportunities for interaction with this authentic and exciting medium. 


  • I am very excited to announce that in 2017 I will be collaborating with Pukka Herbs in Bristol to create an international creative campaign promoting their beautiful Ayurvedic brand.  This project will be an amazing opportunity for me to combine my studio experience with my love of teaching, speaking about and promoting creativity. 
  • Over the coming months I will be gathering ideas together for a new series of work which will celebrate our natural environment and take consideration of our spiritual journey in a digital age which I will be taking to Manhattan, New York for a solo exhibition.  
  • I have recently invested in a new Bernina sewing machine which enables me to stand and stitch and also to explore and play with digital embroidery.  I have resisted for many years but the time has come to embrace this new technology and see how I can make it sing.
  • Soon I will be launching some new Limited edition silk scarves here on my website based on embroideries from my archive.  Watch this space!